Impact Study

Media sourcing increases applications and lowers cost-per-hire

Apria Healthcare is one of the nation’s largest and most successful providers of home healthcare products and services. With nearly 400 locations throughout the United States, Apria’s 9,000 professionals serve more than 1.8 million patients each year.


Within six weeks, Apria needed to hire 15 Nutrition Support Dietitians covering 42 states.


Bayard developed and launched a position-specific online career page designed to attract Nutrition Support Dietitians. We simultaneously implemented an AppFeeder campaign. This highly flexible media-sourcing platform utilizes predictive analytics to lower costs 50 percent on average while filling vacant positions at a rate 20 percent higher than typical.


The AppFeeder campaign rapidly resulted in 387 applications at a cost of $14.39 per application. All position vacancies filled within the six-week timeframe with the final cost-per-hire being only $371.30.

Key Stats


Applicants yielded from initial campaign


Positions filled