Impact Study

Casting a wider net surpasses hiring objectives

Denver Public Schools (DPS) employs nearly 14,000 professionals. It operates more than 200 schools serving an ethnically diverse population of over 91,000 students. In 2015, the Brookings Institution ranked DPS first in school choice among large school districts in the United States.


Three months before the 2015-2016 academic year, DPS found itself needing to fill 30 School Nurse vacancies. In the past, staffing agencies had generated extraordinarily steep costs-per-hire. DPS turned to Bayard to reduce these costs and to increase quality candidate applications within a 90-day timeframe.


Our research showed a career as a School Nurses provides benefits and perks many traditional RNs would find attractive. Among these benefits are better hours, consistent schedules, summers off and, most importantly, no doctors. With quantitative and qualitative evidence supporting our findings, we developed a multi-faceted, mixed media campaign targeting both specialized School Nurses and clinical RNs. Utilizing strong imagery and simple, direct copy, DPS effectively communicated with both audiences.


Within 90 days, our campaign filled the 30 open School Nurse positions – and it even created a wait list of RNs interested in future opportunities. The strategy also saved Denver Public Schools $150,000 in staffing agency fees.

Key Stats


Positions filled in 90 days


Dollars saved in agency fees