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Telling a big branded story with small canvases & limited character counts

Expedia, Inc. has literally changed the way the world travels. With companies operating more than 100 branded points of sale in over 60 countries, Expedia has disrupted its industry. Today, its 18,000+ employees continue to innovate how we traverse borders, book hotels, rent cars, plan business trips and take vacations.


Expedia had a pre-existing LinkedIn contract but, like many companies, it struggled with how to best utilize the career page to greater effect. Unlike a website or Facebook page, LinkedIn’s visual and editorial storytelling options were limited. Yet visitor traffic was there and that grabbed Expedia’s attention.

After upgrading to LinkedIn’s Platinum Corporate page, Expedia retained Bayard for its employer branding expertise. It was our responsibility to ensure that every LinkedIn canvas showcased a robust employer brand and creative strategy.


After interviewing over 25 employees, we quickly learned what makes Expedia such an amazing place to work – the opportunity to become one of its ‘citizens’. These interviews were the foundation upon which we built custom creative content for each of the 10 LinkedIn pages.

To effectively tell an Employer Brand story on LinkedIn, with its small canvas sizes and limited character counts, requires custom photography and videos, compelling messaging and personal testimonials. So our award-winning videography team traveled to Expedia headquarters. There, they shot footage highlighting the different career areas and presenting authentic views of the company culture. We also photographed and compiled an extensive photo library of images that could be repurposed for any headline or career category.


Our employer brand theme, ‘Citizens of Expedia’, highlighted the company’s roots in travel and it showcased its innovative and adventurous corporate culture. The theme evoked travel, spoke to global career opportunity, and reflected the spirit of Expedia. It was an instant winner.

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