Impact Study

Sourcing qualified candidates with Bayard’s Worklight RPO

Express Scripts is a Fortune 60 healthcare company and the largest pharmacy benefit management (PBM) organization in the United States. With over 25,000 employees nationwide, it handles more than a million prescriptions every day.


Providing superior and passionate customer service is key to Express Scripts’ operations and its continued success. All Customer Service Representative (CSR) positions must be filled at all times to handle an extremely high volume of inquiries. When Express Scripts had 50 open CSR positions at its corporate headquarters, it came to Bayard. It was up to us to fill the vacancies in the less-than-desirable 2nd shift (3PM – midnight) within two weeks.


We gained a thorough understanding of the talent pool in Port St. Lucie and we reviewed existing application/hire ratios. From these findings, we determined this recruitment initiative should be in the capable hands of Worklight, Bayard’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) division. In no time at all, Worklight RPO sourced over 2,000 interested candidates and drove this candidate pool to a unique screening site created specifically for Express Scripts. The prospective hires answered a short series of questions to determine eligibility. Qualified candidates were easily identified and given interview appointments with an Express Scripts recruiter.


Worklight RPO scheduled 224 phone interviews with Express Scripts recruiters. Each candidate was qualified and interested; all had been sourced and screened. Express Scripts hired 50 new, 2nd shift CSRs and it now had an additional pool of qualified jobseekers interested in future opportunities. Another key outcome was the cost-per-hire (CPH). Worklight candidates turned out to be less than 12 percent of the CPH of a traditional staffing agency.

Key Stats


Qualified phone interviews scheduled


Reduction in cost-per-hire