Impact Study

An employer brand embraces 16 hospitals as one vibrant persona

HCA West Florida is a division of HCA, the world’s largest for-profit healthcare facility provider. HCA West Florida (HCA FL) treats more than 1.2 million patients annually throughout its comprehensive network of hospitals, outpatient surgery and diagnostic imaging facilities, physician practices, and specialized health programs.


Each of the 16 HCA West Florida hospitals had a unique name and branded identity. This was causing duplications (and sometimes triplications) of recruitment efforts, which confused all intended audiences. To further complicate the situation, HCA FL had an obsolete approach to media buying that was costing a fortune and certainly not delivering results.

In short, none of the talent acquisition teams knew for certain what they were spending, where the money was going and how it was performing. Most were questioning whether or not the media spends were worth it.


We immediately realized that HCA West Florida could not overcome its obstacles without a cohesive employer brand (EB). We reimagined the employer brand based on research discoveries and outcomes. Streamlined messaging applicable to all hospitals and audiences was developed and we wove demonstrated value propositions throughout all creative elements.

The initial focal point of the new EB was the career site we reinvented and invigorated. Here, impactful storytelling techniques engaged and surprised candidates. We also concentrated closely on the site’s back-end. We implemented best practices for message touchpoints, including SEO/SEM, Landing Pages, digital display ads and more.

Last, but certainly not least, we eliminated all media redundancies by utilizing streamlined budget-reducing plan aggregators, lifestyle search engines and display campaigns.


HCA backed our strategy with advanced technology to help track cost-per-hire (CPH) by media source, proving ROI and helping to differentiate HCA West Florida from its competitors. The result has been a 20 percent increase in qualified applicants year after year, and a CPH cut in half the first two consecutive years.

Key Stats


Increase in qualified candidates


Reduction in cost-per-hire two consecutive years