Impact Study

An exclusive candidate pool positively responds to a micro-brand

Symantec Corporation is a Fortune 500 company listed on the S&P 500 stock-market index. With 20,000 employees worldwide, it is the overall global market leader in endpoint security, email security, data loss prevention and SSL certificates.


Symantec was in the midst of a comprehensive, complicated corporate rebranding initiative. At the same time it was under tremendous pressure to hire Cloud Engineers and support teams for a newly formed Cloud Team. To staff the Cloud Team with its ideal candidates meant competing with premier Silicon Valley employers. This put Symantec at a disadvantage, especially considering its career site was outdated and non-responsive. Waiting for the Marketing Department to complete the new corporate brand before turning its attention to staffing wasn’t an option.

Symantec counted on us to attract its highly sought-after candidate pool without the benefit of a competitive talent acquisition platform.


Our tactical approach was to micro-brand the Cloud Team and to develop and launch a microsite. To do this effectively, we first interviewed engineers, cyber security specialists and other professionals to learn their ‘language’ and to ascertain what was most important to them. Next, we created content. Messaging pillars were written. Video footage was edited. Micro-branded visual elements and cues were designed.

We eliminated the traditional Symantec story and replaced it with the Cloud Team and the project story. This allowed the micro-brand to shine without detracting from the corporate brand.

The mobile-friendly, short form we developed replaced the lengthy, in-place Taleo application to prevent user drop-off and increase applications.


Symantec witnessed an immediate increase in interested, qualified candidates. Approximately 50,000 jobseekers visited the micro-branded landing page, with nearly 50 percent of them populating the short form for follow up. As a result, Symantec’s Cloud Team met its hiring numbers ahead of schedule. The micro-brand also boosted engineering applications company-wide.

Key Stats


Visitors to micro-branded page