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Filling a dentistry need

Dental practices hadn’t evolved much in nearly a century and dentists were becoming increasingly disenfranchised. Running a business, contending with insurance companies and handling staffing issues took time away from patient care. Dentists want to practice dentistry; they felt burdened by marketing, scheduling, billing and other time-consuming responsibilities.

That’s when Aspen Dental recognized an opportunity. And then it reinvented the business of dentistry. It established Aspen-branded dental practices to be independently owned and operated by licensed dentists. This would allow dentists to concentrate on patient care while Aspen handled business and administrative functions. It was the best of all worlds but it was new and different.

As is the norm, with change came resistance. Aspen turned to Bayard for help.

Metaphorically speaking

To turn resistance into acceptance, we developed a campaign with unexpected metaphors headlines. The messaging spoke to the dentists’ misgivings but it also enabled us to speak volumes in small spaces. Every communication point asked audiences to rethink their notion of dentistry careers. Attention-grabbing creative simplicity and a light-hearted message cut through the noise.


Industry buzz swirled around the campaign; many media outlets hailed it as the most innovative thinking dentistry had ever witnessed. Needless to say, this was an enormous success.

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