Costar Group

Employees share authentic stories to inspire multiple candidate audiences


Explosive growth scenario

Costar Group, famous for its commercial real estate intelligence, had experienced unprecedented growth. New service offerings and practice areas began creating confusion around career opportunities. Sales roles were positioned as research ones and business development was overstepping sales. CoStar’s house had become huge and it needed our help.

The company wanted clear Employee Value Propositions (EVP) to inspire new college graduate applications without alienating experienced industry professionals. Both audiences were becoming increasingly intimidated by the talk within industry circles and unclear career messaging. The new EVP(s) had to effectively initiative a culture change.

Bayard was also asked to transform the existing career site into an intuitive, message-aligned platform.

The best stories are real

To ensure messaging aligned with company expectations and promises, we interviewed over 50 CoStar team members. This carefully selected employee group represented all career areas and different career stages. From them, we heard diverse, yet authentic and inspiring, stories.

These narratives became the new (and real) Employee Value Propositions.

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