Stories and visual cues unite candidates on five continents


Stories and visual cues unite
candidates on five continents

DAI is on the frontlines of international development in over 100 countries. Its global workforce tackles complex problems to deliver solutions that help make the world a better place for all. When DAI found that it was in need of help, it began searching for an ideal recruitment agency partner. Bayard proved to be the perfect match. Enlisted to conduct both primary and secondary research, our account team reached out to DAI people everywhere.

Employee interviews validated secondary research findings: DAI had much to boast about — yet it was somewhat silent. Not anymore. Now, through authentic videos and imagery and messaging that speaks to candidates in all corners of the world, a new talent-focused careersite experience, reflects a vibrant, employee-owned company with profoundly meaningful career opportunities.

One speaker. Many languages.

Today DAI is ‘shaping a more livable world’ and its careersite is ‘creating a better future for all’ thanks to united visual and verbal messaging. Employee stories are woven throughout the experience, communicating professional growth, company ownership and globally significant projects. Supported by stunning videos and photographs, the cohesive messaging unites and welcomes candidates from all corners of the world.

‘‘I work with really smart and talented professionals. DAI always strives for a balance to retain quality people.’’

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