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Its apparel is in over 80 percent of American homes and it has a massive global presence. Yet its size and iconic brand names were no longer attracting top talent to Hanes Brands Inc. It was clearly time for Hanes to refashion its employer brand and to rethink how it communicates with an international workforce. But where to begin? Spanning five continents and 40+ countries made the starting point hard to find. That’s when we stepped in. And we began where we always do: in Discovery.

Primary and secondary research, which included videotaped employee interviews, starting illuminating the strengths of Hanes as an employer. With countless opportunities across 14 career fields, there are limitless vertical and lateral career ladders at Hanes. Where people want to go – geographically and professionally – was up to them. With our help, Hanes found itself encouraging jobseekers to ‘Find Your Perfect Fit’. And Hanes found itself with a new EVP and branded messaging.

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The initial touchpoint of the new employer brand and EVP would be a completely redesigned and reimagined career site. This dramatically ‘next generation’ site integrates an ATS, video storytelling, real employee quotes and, most importantly, dedicated site pages to each of the five continents on which Hanes operates. These regional pages will be translated into seven different languages to best communicate with jobseekers across North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Central America/Caribbean Basin.

¡Hola!, Guten Tag!, Kon’nichiwa! and Hello! new employer brand!

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