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An employer brand shares its love and embraces its size


Bigger is better

As a network of 33 community hospitals, each year HCA recruits for thousands of positions. In addition to the obvious challenge of sheer numbers, attracting candidates was was challenging on several levels. First, nurses and other high-need positions have many career choices not only within the network but also at other hospitals. Second, each HCA location had its own identity and messaging.

HCA realized it had to stand out from the crowd while also adopting a system-wide employer brand. But creating a cohesive brand wasn’t an easy task. The differences between HCA locations and services forced us to rethink and reevaluate and rethink again how to best bring 33 divergent hospitals under one brand umbrella.

After extensive competitive and internal research, as well as interviews and focus groups, the answer came to us. We had to create a new Employer that represented HCA’s network strength.

A symbolic symbol

We designed a symbol that illustrated HCA’s network strength and warmly expressed its community hospital personality. With a primary messaging pillar being ‘more choices is better’, our creative build-out reinforced this sentiment with simple, colorful exchanges to surprise at every turn. We also built-out an EVP architecture and messaging strategy that was flexible for localized messaging – and always heartwarming and compelling.


A dramatic improvement in the quality of applicants was realized faster than anticipated. Our targeted media approach created multiple budget-saving opportunities beginning from year one.

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