An industry standout retains its market share with awe-inspiring advertising


2x the cost. Priceless fun.

IMAX revolutionized how we enjoy films. With its mammoth screens and state-of-the-art sound systems, movies moved from larger-than-life to immersive experiences. With the introduction (or, more accurately, the reintroduction) of 3D technology, IMAX evolved into next generation movie entertainment.

As IMAX increased in popularity and its profits soared, others wanted to capitalize on the industry-disrupting technology. The problem for IMAX was that those trying to mimic its success were making in-roads.

We were asked to reassert IMAX’s customer value proposition. Through a vibrant brand-positioning program, we had to encourage, even inspire, audiences to pay twice as much per ticket for the IMAX experience because it was more than worth it.

IMAX. Amazing.

Audience testing and focused groups revealed the vast majority of people were excited and eager to watch a film in IMAX. But when asked whether or not IMAX was worth the increased cost, or better than other formats, responses weren’t so positive.

To overcome this obstacle required our creative teams to develop a branded campaign unlike any other. We knew the campaign had to be simply amazing. That’s how ‘Imagine Amazing’ came into being.

‘Imagine Amazing’ conveys the mystery and magic of filmmaking while also prompting audiences to open their minds (or ‘imagine).


Our branded message and campaign tested so positively, IMAX expanded the program to include in-theater, digital and cooperative advertising.

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