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Moving forward meant taking a step back to listen and learn


Misconceptions corrected

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC), once hugely successful with on-campus recruiting, was experiencing a significant decrease in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate career applications.

To understand the cause of the downturn, we went straight to the sources. We conducted live interviews with students, recent new graduate hires, department leaders, senior executives and talent acquisition teams. What we learned surprised us all.

Students had a grave misperception about careers at JPMC; many assumed the esteemed financial institution was recruiting for bank teller and credit card telemarketing positions. In addition, the size of the corporation had prospective employees thinking they’d be small cogs in a massive machine if hired.

We had to change the conversation quickly, which is exactly what we did.

A major step forward

We ideated and developed a robust, genuine and emotionally engaging view of the future of JPMC and its careers. Take A Major Step Forward connected with candidates on an emotional and intellectual level. We demonstrated value points over hundreds of personal stories, Take A Major Step Forward easily translated across our dramatically revised career site, as well as career fair booths, kiosks, collateral marketing pieces and so much more.


JPMC experienced a momentous increase in attendance at campus events. In fact, the program was so successful it was leveraged into other areas of JPMC’s business, including B2C. And it didn’t go unnoticed by CEO Jamie Dimon, either. He wrote a personal letter, thanking the talent acquisition team and Bayard for the impressive performance.

Key Stats


Campus attendance increase nationwide


Increase of career site applications

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