Changing Sin City into an oasis of family fun


Las Vacation BLVD

With tourism declining and decreasing lengths of visitor stays, MGM Resorts International was interesting in exploring Las Vegas as a family destination. With a reputation of decadence and debauchery, Las Vegas had always been considered a destination for adults. The city’s centerpiece was, and remains, the Las Vegas Strip, which is located on Las Vegas Boulevard. There, large hotels entice tourists with gambling, showgirls and live entertainment.

Now, we had to figure out how to morph the famed Sin City into a pre-packaged family vacation destination. Admittedly, we thought it would be near impossible but research findings shifted our perspective.

We discovered families were choosing Vegas for vacations and loving it. In addition, resorts and investors alike had been investing billions of dollars into making Las Vegas family-friendly. The conditions for success were stronger than realized.

We repositioned Las Vegas into Las Vacation BLVD. This was the starting point from which a newly branded tourist destination would emerge.


Long know for glamorous girls, glitz and bright lights, we set out to portray a simpler, down-to-earth image of Las Vegas. Moving from ‘Sin to Simple’ required reimagining the symbols and lexicon long-associated with the city. The new identity began with a warm pallet and elegant iconography – and the change was underway.

Family days, adult nights

With clever positioning and a repurposed website with a User Experience appropriate for both parents and children, packaged family vacations were easy to see as value propositions. Another key messaging pillar – family days, adult nights – conveyed yet another powerful message.


As planned, the campaign ran exclusively as flash banner ads in Europe as a test program. Within a few days the campaign paid for itself many, many times over. Bayard successfully proved Las Vegas could be a family-vacation destination if properly branded, messaged and promoted.

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