Shifting perception to reality to make a real difference


Elite hospital, not an elitist

This true story proves that reputation really is everything. Ranked among U.S. News & World Report’s Best Children’s Hospitals in five clinical programs, Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) can – and must – hire selectively. The hospital’s recruitment image, however, was closer to daycare than clinical care and career expectations were unclear at best. This resulted in a deluge of resumes from under-qualified applicants. Soon, the renowned institution was viewed as elitist for turning away jobseekers everyday

That’s when we came to the rescue. We breathed new life into the hospital’s talent acquisition effort by shifting perception to reality. By identifying unique expressions, stories and profiles, we connected prospects to real people.

Inspiring time and time again

Infused with color, meaningful messages, relevant storytelling, videos and more, the new employer brand spoke to targeted candidates. To change the hospital’s reputation as quickly as possible, we disseminated the employer brand everywhere. From a responsive career site and billboards to social media, career fair booths and more, our rapid deployment successfully made the hospital’s reality its reputation for excellence.

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