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Translating purpose and promise into a people-centric employer brand


From Hospitals to Hospitable

Piedmont Healthcare has been caring for Atlanta for over 100 years. As it expanded into new communities, it grew into a nationally recognized network of clinical care excellence. Somewhere from long ago to yesterday, however, Piedmont lost its way. Jobseekers viewed it as a large corporation rather than the welcoming, family-oriented employer and neighbor it has always been.

Bayard realized it was time for Piedmont to become as well known for its hospitality as its hospitals. Through custom photography and videos, real employees now show and tell the true Piedmont story. With genuine smiles and inspiring anecdotes, Piedmont people welcome professionals home every day.

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Mending an image. Fixing technologies.

With a realigned, accurate EVP and EB in-place, we turned our attention to the technologies powering
the image. Most were less than healthy; some were in need of a transplant. Fortunately, our expert techs
came to the rescue. Reconfiguring the existing ATS, utilizing AppFeeder and reimaging a seamless mobile
application process, jobseekers soon began filling Piedmont’s candidate pipeline while enjoying a friendly
online experience.

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