Repackaging a billion dollar consumer packaging provider into an employer brand


They’re everywhere. But no one knew.

It began a century ago in a small town in rural South Carolina and today it’s a multi-billion dollar corporation with 336 locations in 34 countries. This is Sonoco’s story. But rarely told, few jobseekers knew about it and fewer still considered Sonoco for employment.

We changed that. We turned an unknown commodity into a spectacular employer brand. ‘Connected by Curiosity’ tested best and became the brand anthem that now transcends across all touchpoints, including the career site, digital display ads, social media, career fair collateral and more.

Think globally. Hire globally.

The responsive career site we developed integrated video storytelling and an Employee Value Proposition culture content marketing engine to effectively connect with jobseekers on practically every continent. First-person accounts of traveling around the world as an employee certainly didn’t hurt Sonoco’s global staffing efforts, either!

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