UTC Aerospace Systems

Developing an authentic view of an industry giant


Aerospace innovator soars

Ranked #39 on Forbes 500 List (2017), UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace and defense products. With innovations on nearly every plane in flight in the air at any moment, the sky is literally the limit for where this company can go. But soaring into orbit and flying around hemispheres requires the most forward-thinking visionaries, scientists and engineers on the planet. First, UTAS had to reimagine its image.

Through mergers and acquisitions over the years, UTAS found itself struggling with its identity. It was determined to show candidates who they are and all they have to offer so UTAS set out to create a new Employee Value Proposition (EVP). It put Bayard in the pilot’s seat and we all fastened our seatbelts. Soon, we were ascending toward a new employer brand, EVP and so much more.

Real insights turn into really great content.

Bayard immediately took flight. We traveled to six global UTAS locations where we met with employees and asked questions – a lot of questions. We conducted 150+ on-camera interviews, 20 virtual interviews and an online global survey that realized 1,800+ responses. This vast collection of primary research, along with secondary research, revealed the real, current-day UTAS and our discoveries became the foundation upon which we built a new employer brand. Research also uncovered volumes of authentic stories and employee-driven content, which now propel the new career site, onboarding packages, Diversity & Inclusion initiative, trade show collateral and digital campaigns (to date!).

A new employer brand launched in 2018!

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