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Case Study

Aramark — a global food service company with a passion for people.Aramark — a global food service company with a passion for people.


Developing rich and engaging digital experiences.

The Challenge

Aramark is a global food service company with more than 247,000 employees spanning 19 countries.

When Aramark approached Bayard, their greatest challenge was creating an employer brand that translated across multiple markets and in varying cultures. They needed a partner to help identify their core characteristics — ones that connected and engaged potential candidates no matter where they were located around the world — and develop a powerful employee value proposition that would translate across multiple mediums.

The Solution

Bayard worked with the talent acquisition team at Aramark to identify the already stellar programs, policies, and offerings that were in place for their employees and properly craft these offerings into engaging copy. Next, the Bayard team was tasked with reimagining the Aramark career website to better embody the values, energy, and culture of the organization. Bayard worked to create an online experience that was rich in content, engaging, easy to navigate, and transparent — identifying and searching for job openings became seamless.

“Grow, any direction you want.”

After conducting a company-wide audit, which involved interviewing a large number of employees, the Bayard team developed a new tagline — “Grow, any direction you want.” This new employer brand mantra represents the ability for employees to expand their skills and grow with the company, whether it’s a vertical or horizontal move. The feedback from employees was so honest and authentic that the Bayard team opted to develop a unique blog component to the career site that featured quotes and insights from a variety of Aramark employees.

61% site traffic increase. 70% increase in applicants. 61% site traffic increase. 70% increase in applicants. 

The Impact

Our work with Aramark led to a solidified EVP statement, a strong employer brand identity, and a career site that embodies transparency, energy, and a true reflection of the Aramark culture.

After launching, the brand new website led to a 61% increase in site traffic and a 70% increase in applications. We’re proud of the work we continue to do to empower Aramark’s talent acquisition team with the tools they need to continue to find and engage with qualified candidates across departments and around the world.