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Case Study

CRST — a renowned U.S. transportation and logistics providerCRST — a renowned U.S. transportation and logistics provider


Aligning messaging with job education.

The Challenge

CRST The Transportation Solution, Inc. is a trucking and logistics company based in the US. Bayard has been working with their recruiting leaders for over a decade to help attract drivers & fill a variety of driving positions.

The demands on transportation companies are higher than ever, and the challenge of finding and keeping drivers has become increasingly difficult. The high volume of work matched with unprecedented demand called for strategic and creative solutions, and CRST needed a recruitment marketing partner to ensure that they were on the right track. That’s where Bayard stepped in.

The Solution

The highest impact & the right audience.

CRST puts a lot of time and resources into supporting their drivers, from the application process to onboarding and beyond. They go the extra mile, quite literally, by offering training programs to their applicants to assist them with obtaining an appropriate trucking license if needed. As a partner, we wanted to highlight this positive, experiential process to potential candidates in our campaigns. Through a variety of media campaigns across platforms like Programmatic, Google, and Facebook, Bayard helped get job ads and listings in the places with the most impact — and with the right audience. Bayard also spent a great deal of time evaluating the creative, collateral, and narrative across all recruitment campaigns to ensure the highest impact.

50% more applicants per week post-campaign launch. 50% more applicants per week post-campaign launch. 

Drastic improvement in hiring rates.

As a result of the strategic urban campaign, we’ve helped CRST hire 50% more of their applicants per week on average than they were hiring in the first month prior to the campaign launch. The drastic improvement in hiring rates reflects on Bayard’s strategic outputs — each and every marketing tool is backed by research, competitive analysis, and industry insights. We take pride in the amount of work that goes into every detail of our client’s campaigns, and our work with CRST exemplifies that.