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Case Study


The Media is the Message

A leader in trucking and transportation logistics, CRST sought to reach qualified truck driving candidates who were not necessarily part of the industry. They required advertising materials that would educate job seekers open to a career in trucking but who had no experience in it. So we created the Life Change messaging to help job seekers understand the possibilities a career as a driver provided.

We developed landing pages, a micro-site, and partnered with a videographer to create comprehensive content. Through significant investments in programmatic media that sent visitors to the right destination, we helped CRST reach qualified candidates and drive up engagement.

Aligning Messaging With Target Candidate Personas

We created the Life Change messaging for CRST as a solution to draw in new drivers. The content and design further elaborate on that message and let potential employees know that a job with CRST means the chance start over and make a positive life change.

The Proof is in the Statistics

Our creative work generated a high level of success for CRST’s media-driven campaigns. AppFeeder Conversion Rate increased by 11.6%, overall activity increased by 99.9%, sessions increased by 89.6%, number of users submitting forms increased by 48.1%, and number of users scrolling increased by 122%.

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