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Case Study

Building An Employer Brand With Passion At Heart

With a new brand voice, new leadership, and a lot of passion, the world’s most recognized family of travel brands wanted to turbocharge impact in their Employer Brand.

When Expedia Group—a travel technology company—updated their logo and brand, it set in motion an opportunity to reimagine the candidate experience from the ground up. Our job was to interpret Expedia’s new identity into a refreshed experience of employer brand, starting with their careers site. And we had two weeks until the new logo was going to be revealed to the world.

In a short amount of time, we generated maximum results through a user compatible search portal and a rejuvenated brand identity.

We edited thousands of copy points, refined all imagery, explored diversity and community, and improved the candidate experience through an ATS makeover with improved filtering tools.

We Had to Work Smarter

Through meaningful design, we clearly communicated Expedia’s niche and tapped into a highly coveted market of tech professionals. Our holistic approach to design thinking allowed for the visual elements of the site to better communicate the dynamic culture of Expedia. Aligning the site’s look and feel to their new logo, we created brand unity.

Setting the Tone

We transformed the copy from industry-standard descriptions to welcoming and dynamic messaging. Playing off of authentic visual language, we wrote a warm introduction to Expedia’s adventurous brand. Using words and phrases that evoke a sense of worldliness, their tone became fun, approachable, and impactful.

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