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Case Study

Healthcare Corporation of America

Building Brand Consistency for a Leader in Healthcare

Our work with HCA spans a wide variety of employer branding, programmatic media, events, and more. When we began partnering with HCA, their main challenge was bringing a consistent brand voice to a large corporation, which allows each division to cultivate a local culture. This challenge is what we seek to solve in every project with HCA.

Partnering with Indeed
to Find the Most Effective
Job Titles

We teamed up with Indeed to test a variety of job titles for registered nurses. Our goal was to find the perfect combination of tangible details and intangible culture information to greatly increase job seeker click through rates into HCA’s registered nurse job postings on the platform.

Building a Cohesive Employer Brand Across Corporate Locations

One of HCA’s biggest differentiators is their ability to provide the rewards of a localized, small business culture with the benefits and stability of a large corporation. However, they were struggling to communicate those benefits to candidates. As we created landing pages, event materials, digital ads, and more, we kept that message at the center of their voice to build consistency across their employer brand.

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