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Case Study


Overhauling a brand to solve
perception problems

Our work with aerospace giant UTC Aerospace Systems included a full employer brand refresh, careers site design, campus recruiting materials, and updated messaging to communicate their identity to candidates. This improved their standing with recent grads from STEM programs, created a better brand awareness, and helped catch the interest of top tier candidates.

Course Correcting
Candidate Perceptions

UTC Aerospace Systems was fighting misperceptions that they were a stale, stuck-in-its-ways corporation. We updated their employer brand to educate candidates about their innovative, industry-leading work. We even built a one-of-a-kind on-boarding kit to help UTC build strong employee relationships from day one.

Developing Better Recruitment Personas

We created conceptual personas based on the way candidates think rather than their general job category. Through interviews with existing employees, we discovered various patterns in the type of person UTC hired across recent graduates, experienced professionals, and leadership. This led to improved brand positioning and better recruitment messaging.

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