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Bayard - Leaders In Talent Acquisition Since 1923

Hi, Hilton TeamHi, Hilton Team

We're Bayard, a recruitment marketing & insights leader.

Since 1923, our company has traveled up and down the road with our partners, and while the tools of the trade change, our commitment to our clients never does. As an innovative and data-driven pioneer, Bayard’s approach is fundamentally about partnership and shared values on the journey to talent acquisition success.

Media Strategy

A Flexible, Data-Driven Approach to Recruitment Media

We believe in flexible media that can be measured. While some media contracts are necessary, a large portion of the budget should be allocated to flexible, pay-per-performance solutions, which allows for the flexibility to make campaign changes if and when necessary. At Bayard, our goal is to continually improve your cost-per-application, cost-per-hire, and reduce turnover by targeting and attracting qualified candidates that are the right cultural fit.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

A Full-Service Recruitment Partner

Attracting talent is only one part of the equation — hiring, onboarding, and retaining talent are equally critical to achieving organizational goals. As a full-service partner, we are experts in the entirety of the hiring funnel. We help our clients evaluate every point of their process based on our years of experience and aggregation of industry best practices. Our recruitment strategists then work as a second arm to your talent acquisition team, adding support wherever you need it — from job postings to application reviews, from interviews to onboarding. We leverage effective strategies, tactics, and technologies to optimize your talent management and minimize the workload (and stress) for our clients’ recruitment personnel.