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AI is the Future of Recruitment Marketing, and HRTech Proved It.

  • 10.15.2019

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  • Eric Holwell & Michael Halperin

As a technology-neutral recruitment marketing agency, Bayard strives to learn about the latest and greatest in HR technology in order to offer our clients best-in-class, cutting-edge talent attraction solutions.


Joining ten thousand other attendees at the HRTech Conference every year helps us accomplish that. 


This year, the event was a showcase of the reality that HR tech is now leaning heavily on artificial intelligence and focusing largely on two core principles: efficiency and the removal of bias. These emerging technologies allow the processing of hundreds of micro-level action-items every hour of the day, all without requiring employees to do any heavy lifting (or so the marketing says). While many assume that these tools focus primarily on pre-application, that is not necessarily where their value lies. It stems instead from a “back of the house” dimension, which is best illustrated by a prominently featured book in the IBM booth, which dedicated four pages of a two hundred-page book to jobseeker chatbots.


As an agency committed to tech neutrality, Bayard is in a unique position. Instead of pushing a certain platform – one that may not be in your best interests, but is in ours – we stay up-to-date with emerging tech and advise you on the best possible solutions for your specific recruitment challenges. Our attendance at HRTech has and will continue to allow us to do just that, and our discoveries will allow us to continue prioritizing your needs.


Here’s a sneak peek of a few start-ups that caught our attention:

  • SmartDreamer: A company focused on automating recruitment marketing campaigns.
  • SeekOut: An open web sourcing tool with an advanced Github integration.
  • A start-up creating a lot of the candidate-to-job matching technologies for other HR tech suppliers.
  • RecruitMap: A cognitive talent acquisition platform that uses A.I., branded communication, and bot-interviewing tools.  
  • Ferretly: An A.I.-powered, compliant social media background-screening tool that relieves companies of the need to act as their own personal private investigator.
  • Curious Thing: A phone screening interviewing tool.


Interested in hearing more about these or any other technologies that may be a key addition to your HR tech stack? Reach out.

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