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Alex Anema Featured in Recent Employee Benefit News (EBN) Article Discussing The Impact of CareerTok .

  • 02.06.2023

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  • EBN

TikTok has been a revolutionary social media platform that has now come to include the workplace. CareerTok is a new way for employees to share a window into their everyday working environment, and while some employers are not pleased with this new trend, there may be reasons to find a way to embrace it. Alex Anema, Social Media Director at Bayard shares how social media is inevitable after the Pandemic.

“‘Everyone loves a peek behind the curtain,’ says Alexandra Anema, social media director at marketing firm Bayard Advertising. ‘One of the things that I think is really different about this generation is that before, you didn’t know what a workplace culture was like before you took a job — you had to just accept it based on gut check alone. Now I can find out what a workplace culture is like in 30 seconds, all because of people creating content on their lunch break.'”

“It was only a matter of time before social media grew to include the workplace, according to Anema, and the pandemic only accelerated the trend. As the boundary between work and life blurred, social platforms such as TikTok offered users an avenue to express themselves and speak freely about their professional experiences.”

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