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Bayard CPO, Chris Sinclair, lends expecting mothers advice on finding a new job.

  • 04.25.2022

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  • Fox Business

Finding a new job on its own is challenging. Add being pregnant and that presents a whole new set of challenges. Bayard’s Chief People+ Culture Officer, Chris Sinclair, encourages expectant mothers to “go for it” and highlights the importance of remaining true to yourself during interviews to ensure that candidates are finding companies whose values and priorities align with their own.

“‘If you are interviewing with the right employer, you shouldn’t have to change anything about how you interview to get your strengths across,’ Sinclair, who is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, told FOX Business. ‘Be sure to follow tried and tested interview best practices, including researching the company, knowing the job description, anticipating popular interview questions, being on time and sending a thank-you email.'”

“‘Not every company will be a fit for you — and that’s OK. If an employer appears to cater to every candidate’s needs, it’s a facade,’ Sinclair said. ‘As a candidate, you need to find the employer whose values and priorities align with yours, whether it’s flexibility, compensation, benefits, the opportunity to learn and progress, or stability and job security.'”

“‘If you end up not being the right fit for what they’re looking for, it doesn’t represent personal failure — it just shows that another candidate was a better fit for that specific position and profile.'”

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