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Bayard CPO, Chris Sinclair, Shares Pointers to Navigate a Looming Recession.

  • 10.18.2022

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  • Forbes

Amid a looming recession, job seekers and workers alike may be feeling a tad anxious. Chris Sinclair was featured in a recent Forbes article where he lends some advice on how to navigate career fears during an uncertain time.

‘“It’s still largely a candidate’s market due to the volume of open jobs out there,” says Chris Sinclair, Chief People Officer, at Bayard Advertising. “But job seekers don’t feel quite as empowered when negotiating offers.”’

‘While some surprises are fun, nobody wants to lose their job unexpectedly. That’s why current employees have every right to address job security concerns with their managers if they are fearful about potentially being laid off.

“If employers learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that transparency and communication are critical in the workplace,” says Sinclair.’

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