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Bayard Senior Director of Insights & Strategy Cody Harker Shares Positive Outlook for Job Seekers.

  • 03.05.2022

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  • International Business Times

Following the release of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent report, our Senior Director of Insights and Strategy, Cody Harker, shares a positive outlook for job seekers following the nation’s Omicron variant peak.

“From the job seeker perspective, it’s a positive sign that today’s jobs report met expectations, showing we are still in a period of growth with many opportunities for job seekers looking to get involved in or return to the labor force,” says Harker.

“In fact, last month at Bayard, we saw a 5% overall increase in click volume on job ads – signifying that there was higher job seeker intent than in previous year’s months. With only a modest increase in click volume, we observed better downstream conversion rates, signifying the ‘window shopper effect’ – with people looking at job ads without planning to apply or interview – that we sometimes observe in high job seeker traffic months did not occur.

Quite the opposite, jobseekers seemed eager to take the next step in pursuing jobs on the heels of the Omicron variant peak. Whether this trend persists in March or beyond remains to be seen – we’re keen to continue to observe traffic trends over the upcoming weeks.”

To read the full article, visit the International Business Times.