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Bayard Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting its Commitment to Helping Employers Solve Their Hiring Challenges.

  • 03.03.2022

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NEW YORKMarch 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bayard, a full-service recruitment marketing and talent insights  agency, is debuting a new brand platform following nearly 100 years of pioneering the industry. The repositioning emphasizes the company’s unwavering partnership with clients and leans into Bayard’s heritage of delivering unique and innovative solutions to customers across industries — particularly those in frontline industries such as transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and retail.

In today’s unprecedented labor market, talent acquisition leaders are facing challenges of a new kind. ‘The Great Resignation’ has upended the economy in many ways, and organizations are in need of new, creative, and innovative solutions to hire talent. With its years of experience, Bayard provides its clients the most cost-effective solutions to mass-volume hiring, while producing results that exceed ROI goals.

“Our clients are navigating one of the toughest labor markets in history. Today’s candidates have a plethora of choices and as a result, hiring managers are faced with increased pressure from the C-suite,” said Bayard CEO Louis Naviasky. “We aim to relieve some of that pressure by identifying creative ways to solve our clients’ problems. We do what it takes to get the job done and help our clients be successful, no matter the circumstance.”

Bayard’s brand refresh will reorganize its service offerings within the following divisions:

    • Insights: Aggregating data and analytics that inform strategy and drive business outcomes. Services include Data + Industry Intelligence, Reporting.
    • Brand: Focusing on the experience of value to engage and influence. Services include Employer Value Proposition + Employer Brand Development, Creative Solutions, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy.
    • Media: Maximizing exposure and investment to obtain the highest ROI. Services in Programmatic Advertising, Social Media and Digital and Search Engine Marketing.
    • Recruit: Partnering with talent acquisition teams on all phases of the hiring process. Services include Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
    • Candidate: Using technology to build efficiencies and reduce friction in the application process. Services include Bayard’s proprietary Recruitment Automation platform which increases speed to hire and maximizes ROI.

In this chapter, nearing the organization’s centennial anniversary, Bayard will prioritize a refreshed set of core values. These include partnership, competence, experience, strategy, innovation, and efficiency.

“One of the primary reasons I was initially drawn to Bayard was because of the company’s vision and promise to deliver consistent results,” said Chris Sinclair who recently joined Bayard as Chief People Officer. “It is inspiring to work for a company that prioritizes true partnership and innovation at all levels.”

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