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Bayard's CPO, Chris Sinclair, Lends Advice to Navigating the Job Search.

  • 08.22.2022

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  • Chris Sinclair

Chris Sinclair, Bayard’s Chief People Officer, discusses how employers and employees can successfully navigate the job search process during uncertain, abnormal times.

“Today’s job market continues to be a “candidate’s market,” meaning there are more jobs than there are qualified candidates. Competition for the top jobs continues to be extremely fierce, with more employees than ever willing to leave their current role to take on a new one.”

“At the same time, two out of three job seekers reported in a recent survey from Joblist that they are “worried” or “very worried” about a potential recession. Even though there is a strong urgency among job seekers to find a job (or a new job) before economic conditions worsen, they also have high concerns regarding their future job security.”

With these things in mind, it is of the utmost importance that job seekers and employers alike to differentiate themselves from others.

“It’s vital that job seekers differentiate themselves from other candidates in order to stand out during the process.”

“It’s important that employers showcase the financial strength and sustainability of their organization when interviewing candidates in order to give them confidence that a move to your company can be a long-term one.”

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