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Chris Sinclair, Bayard's CPO, Speaks to How Bayard is Supporting Young Professionals.

  • 05.16.2022

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  • Worklife

Recent graduates from the last two years are experiencing their entrance into the workforce a little differently than most. Bayard’s Chief People Officer, Chris Sinclair, provides insight into how Bayard is helping set up newly hired Generation Z team members for success in their careers following the pandemic in a more digital-focused environment.

“Bayard Advertising lets its employees choose if they want to work in person at the firm’s Times Square office or from home with one exception: if it’s their first job after graduation, they’re required to onboard mostly in-person for their first 90 days.”

“’The progressive thinking they [Generation Z] bring to the workforce is great because that’s what forces a lot of the positive change,’ said Chris Sinclair, Bayard’s chief people officer. ‘At the same time, there’s an element of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know. Since this is their first job out of school, we believe they should be in the office the majority of the time because that’s what’s going to set them up for success.’”

“The theory is sound: If they’re successful and feel connected to work and peers, they’re more likely to stick around.”

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