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Chris Sinclair Featured in HerMoney Article About Recession-Proofing Your Career.

  • 01.13.2023

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  • HerMoney

In a recent HerMoney article that discusses recession-proofing your career when the future seems unpredictable, Chris Sinclair, Bayard’s Chief People Officer, shares some advice to employees.

“One of the most meaningful ways to protect your gig is to learn something new. As Chris Sinclair, the chief people officer at Bayard Advertising, puts it, the broader your skillset, the more valuable you are to an employer.

‘For example, in a recession, brand marketing that aims to build awareness becomes less in demand than performance marketing that aims to drive direct response,’ he says. ‘As a brand marketer, becoming cross-trained in performance marketing could be a good idea so that when brand/awareness dollars are scarcer and your employer may less value those roles, your other skills can come to the forefront.'”

“Sometimes, when you’re in the thick of your career, working diligently to meet your goals and benchmarks, you may feel like you’re drowning. This not only leads to burnout, but it could make you lose productivity when you’re trying to impress your superiors. To help, Sinclair suggests investing in a career coach. ‘Seeking guidance from a coach or mentor outside your company can help you think through your strategy and provide you fresh perspectives when future or recession-proofing your career,’ he says. ‘They can also draw on a different set of perspective experiences and, critically, a different professional network to help you build relationships that will be useful should you need to uncover opportunities outside your own network of contacts.'”

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