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Cody Harker Featured In Epoch Times Article About February's Jobs Report .

  • 02.03.2023

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  • The Epoch Times

The February Jobs Report showed promising labor market trends. Cody Harker, Head of Data and Insights at Bayard, shared his thoughts on the data from the latest jobs report.

“’Despite continued tech layoffs and slower gains in a handful of other sectors, the labor market remains resilient, especially given the rise in the number of job openings to 11 million on the last day of December,’ said Cody Harker, the Head of Data and Insights at recruitment marketing firm Bayard Advertising. ‘Though the market is still showing early signs of shifting, it’s clear that job seekers have leverage in the meantime, particularly in sectors where hiring difficulties or labor shortages remain (retail and food service, for example).’”

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