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Cody Harker Shares Insights on Gen Z in Recent GoBankingRates Article.

  • 03.17.2023

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  • GoBankingRates

Gen Z is more concerned about layoffs than any other age group due to a lack of savings, minimal job experience, and lack of job security from the pandemic’s impact on the industry. Cody Harker, Head of Data and Insights at Bayard, had the following to say about it.

“‘Gen Z, who have only recently begun to enter the workforce, are doing so in an absolutely unprecedented socioeconomic context,’ said Cody Harker, head of data and insights at Bayard Advertising, a full-service recruitment advertising agency. ‘The very oldest members of this cohort became adults just a few years before the onset of a global pandemic, rampant inflation, fears of recession, developing international conflict and ongoing concern around climate change.'”

Read the full article at GoBankingRates.