Understanding the EVP & Employer Brand Process

There are many “definitions” of what Employee Value Proposition & Employer Brand truly mean, so let’s start by defining them for the purpose of this article.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – In its simplest form, your EVP points are a collection of reasons why someone should want to work for your organization. It outlines what they can expect from you in relation to what is expected of them.

Employer Brand (EB) – Your Employer Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. You can’t control whether or not you have an Employer Brand; however, you can nurture it into something that positively impacts your efforts.



The process of developing and activating your employee value proposition points through your employer brand is often misunderstood. You may assume that it takes a huge investment over a significant period, regardless of the circumstances. The reality is that it can, but it doesn’t have to. 

Liken the process to a subway system: just like you begin your journey at the station stop that makes the most sense for you, you revamp your employer brand by first evaluating your current state and then moving forward logically. 

At Bayard, we start every engagement with a gap analysis to quickly determine what already exists and what needs to be done to help you properly engage with the right candidates. Typically, organizations simply conduct exit interviews, employee surveys, and other forms of understanding the experience of existing employees, and then leave their clients to make sense of that information. We don’t.  Instead, we take that information and build on it, allowing you to save both dollars and time.


Let’s find your station stop…

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