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Eric Holwell Speaks with HealthLeaders on Post-Acute Recruitment Best Practices.

  • 02.24.2023

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  • HealthLeaders

In a recent HealthLeaders article, Bayard’s Eric Holwell, senior vice president of strategy, is featured in an interview on post-acute care recruitment best practices.

“HealthLeaders: ‘What is the first thing you do when healthcare organizations come to you for help with recruitment?'”

“Eric Holwell: ‘The first thing we do is audit what they’re currently doing. When you do an audit, it’s about getting to know the company or organization, and getting to know what works for them and then what they’re missing—a variety of things that help us understand where we can come in and fill the gaps. We will then put together a brief or recommendation of what we would do, looking at a variety of different marketing channels that are designed to target specific audiences that would meet their talent needs.'”

Read the full interview at HealthLeaders.