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Eric Holwell, SVP of Strategy at Bayard, discusses how companies are leaning into transferrable skills.

  • 05.25.2022

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  • Forbes

A lot of companies are beginning to hire employees who may or may not have the specified skillset to do the job they are hired to do. Instead, they are relying solely on leveraging skillsets that candidates have brought over from previous experiences. Eric Holwell, SVP of Strategy at Bayard, emphasizes that a lot of skills can truly be transferred between industries and that there is more proof than ever that companies are beginning to train people from scratch.

“’Not only can some work skills transition from one industry to the next, we see examples where companies are willing to train new employees without experience.’ For example, Howell cites several trucking companies that are willing to pay for CDL training if you don’t have a commercial driver’s license. Insurance companies, in many cases, will pay for licensing. ‘Companies are willing to invest in people if they see the long-term potential,’ he says.”

“The way we work has changed dramatically in the last decade – and it will continue to do so at an ever-increasing pace. As a result, the skills that got you hired ten years ago may not be the skills that get you hired today.”

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