ETAs vs. RSAs: An Update on Google Ad Copy

Bayard has put together a whitepaper detailing the changes Google Ads is making to their ad formats moving into the second half of 2022.


Please see below for an introduction to the study and to download the final paper.



Google has recently announced that they will be sunsetting Expanded Text Ads, or ETAs, in favor of Responsive Search Ads, or RSAs in June of 2022. After years of testing the two ad formats against each other, there has been a clear winner in terms of impressions, clicks, and conversions in Google Ads Search Engine Marketing campaigns, and that winner is RSAs. This is primarily attributed to the fact that RSAs have machine learning behind them which helps drive their overall success.

Here’s a little more insight about Google Ads’ ad copy and what is changing.

Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads have been Google Ads’ default ad format for many years. In 2017, they added an additional headline and description “body copy” to each ad, making the ad appear larger on the top of Google Search Results Pages. At this time they also removed ads from the right-hand rail of Google Results Pages, to focus only on the top, leaving a cleaner, more streamlined look. Now, the right-hand panel is reserved for organic details, such as Google’s knowledge graph, Google My Business listings, or can appear blank.


Download your free version of the research paper now: