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February Bayard Brief Data Featured in U.S News and World Report Article .

  • 02.23.2023

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  • US News and World Report

In a recent U.S. News and World Report article, it discusses the state of the job market during the fourth quarter, emphasizing that the economy is undergoing a transition from post-COVID recovery with a healthy labor market and slower consumption rates.

“A February report from recruitment advertising company Bayard Advertising found that wage growth did cool down in January despite a blockbuster jobs report that showed 517,000 jobs were added in the first month of the year. But while wages grew only slightly overall, Bayard found that in the leisure and hospitality industry average hourly earnings rose by 7% in January.”

“‘The juxtaposition of lower unemployment with slightly higher labor force participation is another boon to the market, which remains largely unshaken by macroeconomic concerns,’ Bayard said.”

Read the full U.S. News and World Report article here.