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Job Descriptions: The Unsung Heroes of Recruiting.

Our copywriting team discusses Bayard's philosophy behind job descriptions and why they're an underutilized asset.

video transcript 

Why are job posts important?

John: Job postings oftentimes are neglected by companies, and we both feel that they’re so important.

Jess: Yeah, they’re definitely a lot more important than companies give them credit for because it’s the candidate’s first experience with the company. They’re gonna see right away if they’re qualified for the position and if they’re interested in the position.

But yeah, it shouldn’t be a straight-up overview of the company. It should maybe be more relevant to the culture or what it’s like to work there – kind of give them a taste of that.

John: Traditionally, job postings were much more of a one-way street, where the company was saying this is what we need, this is who we’re looking for, and that was it. 

But I think that nowadays it’s much more of a two-way street, where candidates are expecting companies to pull the veil back on their culture, on their benefits, on even compensation, things like that. So they’re expecting it to be much more of a conversation, which leads me to another point, which is something that we always talk about, which is “do you include a salary or do you not?”

Should you include a salary in a job posting?

John: So I think, if a salary is competitive – it doesn’t have to be amazing, but if it’s competitive within the industry – we always recommend including the salary.

Jess: Because that’s what you’re looking for, you know? When you’re working, you’re looking to get paid.

What is the best way to express your EVP in a job posting?

John: So another thing that we talk a lot about is the trap of over-explaining in a job description, right?

Jess: The point isn’t to have it all out there in one long post because hopefully, if they’re interested and they like what they see, they’re going to apply and then there will hopefully be an interview and you’ll have the chance then to go into depth.

John: That extra thousand words isn’t gonna convince them.

Jess: Yeah, no, they won’t read the extra thousand words.

John: A lot of stuff that people just think is necessary is actually totally unnecessary. So we’re always talking about cutting away any fluff, any unnecessary material, right? Less is more in a job description.

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