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Louis Naviasky, Bayard's CEO, speaks to the importance of investing in good recruitment marketing practices.

  • 05.31.2022

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  • Louis Naviasky

Following the Pandemic and on the heels of the Great Resignation, companies are having to shift their mentality when it comes to recruitment. Bayard’s CEO, Louis Naviasky, addresses how the last couple of years have left a lasting impact on both businesses and workers, making it more critical than ever to invest in recruitment marketing.

“Competition amongst employers is at an all-time high, as candidates are no longer being driven by the same values. Comparable wages and career stability no longer hold the same weight in attracting candidates. Instead, workers are seeking strong employer brands, inclusive company cultures, work environment flexibility, balance in professional and home life, and additional wellness perks beyond the standard health insurance offerings. In today’s market, it’s more critical than ever that organizations invest in a strong recruitment marketing strategy — one that is all-encompassing, innovative and gets results.”

“…recruitment advertising has proven an incredibly powerful tool for companies of all sizes and industries. All in all, talent acquisition leaders have been required to expand their toolbox of tactics in these unprecedented times.”

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