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Louis Naviasky Weighs In On the Current Status of the Labor Market.

  • 02.10.2023

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  • Financial Times' Agenda

CEO of Bayard, Louis Naviasky, was recently featured in an article by the Financial Times’ Agenda in which he shared some insight into the importance of still working to retain and hire employees amid recession concerns and massive changes occurring in some industries.

“Bayard CEOLouis Naviasky said businesses may want to continue providing retention bonuses and engaging with their employees.”

“‘There’s still a mismatch in the economy, and there’s still a tremendous amount of need for professionals, whether it’s in technology, banking [or] finance,’ said Naviasky. ‘[For example] we can look at the talent pool for a retail worker which is similar to the talent pool for somebody who’s doing lawn care, so we’re all competing.'”

Read the full article at the Financial Times’ Agenda.