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Our Partnership Philosophy.

  • 05.30.2019

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  • Andrea Abbott

My son was born last year on my 11-year work-anniversary (a fact my boss loves to tout). It was fitting that the newest relationship in my life came to be on the day when I celebrate one of the longest and most important partnerships in my life.

I’ve spent all 11 years at Bayard within Client Services. I started in our entry level role and today I have the pleasure of overseeing the entire team. I’ve had the opportunity over the years to work on incredible projects, work with fascinating clients, and watch as our team learned, grew, and innovated. Throughout this time, in all my roles, one thing has remained constant in how our agency works with clients: we are a true partner. The relationship our teams have with our clients is focused on helping them to solve for the right challenges, highlight the right strengths, and innovate at a pace that matches the digital age in which we live.

Our clients’ job is to cultivate talent and bring them into the fold of their culture. Our job is to get the best talent to them.

How we partner together in that effort changes with each need, each market, and each team. But there are threads that remain the same and these are the foundation of the partnerships that we build.



  1. To understand your business and your team; to understand that knowledge deepens over time.
  2. To learn how we can best support the strong work your team is doing with our services. There is not a one size fits all approach.
  3. To communicate about the work we do together; what was successful, what wasn’t, and what we can change next time?
  4. To be responsive to your needs but not at the expense of a thoughtful campaign.
  5. To tell it like it is. If something isn’t going to work for you, we will let you know.
  6. To bring innovation to your project. You can’t be at every conference or speak with every core media there is, but we can.


This style of communication lends itself to an open and honest partnership where we truly are able to work toward goals together. I love watching our team work diligently to push our clients to bigger and better talent acquisition practices. But I also love that our clients push us in return – challenging us as they create a roadmap for the future that we can help define.

It’s the same foundational partnership that I’ve developed with Bayard over these past 11 years. And, truthfully, much of that I carry over to the relationship with my son; understanding, support, communication, responsiveness, and at times, even telling it like it is (sorry kiddo, you can’t have my phone, even if it’s what you really want right now).


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