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Programmatic Media 101.

  • 07.20.2022

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  • Sam Schemmel, Programmatic Trader at Bayard

Programmatic Media! You hear about it in the recruitment advertising space all of the time, but you may be wondering what it is and how it fits into your media strategy. Well, you’re in luck, we are going to dive into how programmatic media functions, what the main benefits are, and how Bayard is leading the way in deploying programmatic media to help drive ROI for our clients.

Before programmatic media, advertising strategies consisted mainly of buying and placing job ads across multiple vendors/contracts. Agencies would have to rely on paper insertion orders, days or sometimes weeks of back-and-forth communication, and manually managing each posting in order to ensure budgets were leveraged properly. On top of that, much of this media had little to no tracking. Agencies and clients were eager to find a more sustainable and scalable solution for their needs. Enter programmatic media advertising.

Programmatic media advertising is a platform-based, pay-for-performance campaign management strategy that allows the user to have complete control over budget allocation, performance metrics, and ROI in a centralized location. Through the use of job feeds, jobs are distributed across a wide range of publisher partners, all at once, without the need for contracts. The user is then able to monitor performance metrics, in real time, from each publisher, which allows them to react to how the jobs are performing in the market and optimize the strategy to buy from media sources that have proven to provide the best ROI. With this type of insight, visibility, and control, programmatic media buying allows users to be nimble and flexible in an always changing jobs landscape.

Now that you have a bit of a better understanding of what programmatic media is and how it has revolutionized the media buying/distribution process, let’s take a look at how Bayard is setting itself apart in this space! The first thing we’d like to highlight is that our trading desk is 13 Traders strong, with an average tenure of 5+ years. While programmatic campaigns are automated to some degree, this human element to our team allows us to have strong context around what performance should look like across all job functions and geographies. Our ability to interpret the data in real time and optimize our campaigns accordingly is what allows us to continuously outperform benchmarks and expectations. We also have very close relationships with each of our publisher partners (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Appcast, etc) and connect with them regularly to keep them informed about campaign goals and challenges so that we can implement solutions that are effective for our shared clients. Collaboration is key, and we lean into it to help generate the best results.

We believe that the agile approach to media buying that programmatic advertising provides makes it essential to remaining competitive in today’s job market, and in the future. The flexibility of how this tool can be leveraged lends itself to any type of employer, and the team at Bayard is excited to partner with anyone that is ready to revolutionize their media strategy!