Rise in Searches for Jobs: Google Insights

Bayard has put together a whitepaper in response to Think with Google’s video on job searches. It explores various trends and insights that we have seen as an agency on Google over the past year.


Please see below for an introduction to the study and to download the final research paper.



At Bayard, we specialize in Recruitment Marketing. It’s our job to know the employment industry, so we take it pretty seriously when we see fluctuations in the market. We use data and insights to inform our decisions about where and how to advertise on certain media, and especially during the pandemic, we’ve seen job searches grow exponentially on Google over the past year. This has made Google an increasingly successful medium for our clients to advertise on, which means we’ve seen higher application/conversion volume than ever before.

In order to better understand job seekers, we have to understand the intent behind their search behavior and how people’s lives have changed over the past year during the pandemic. A few trends Google has seen in the past year were most recently discussed in a “Think With Google” video that came out on November 11, 2021, called, “Google researchers explore the rise in searches for new jobs.” In this video, the Googlers discuss their insights into why they believe certain behaviors are happening on Google.com when it comes to job searches in the past year.


Download your free version of the research paper now: