Trust us — if anyone knows the urgent need to make hires, we do. When trucks are sitting empty at terminals, we know that immediate action is needed; but as they say, the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. In that spirit, do your organization (and your future self) a favor, and consider adding some proactive strategies to your media mix. While they may not produce results instantaneously, they’ll offer dividends down the road. Below, you’ll find three sure-fire tactics to ensure long-term success that your future self will thank you for.

1. Surveys

Surveys are an often underutilized resource in your recruiting arsenal. We get it — they take time and energy for your drivers to fill out, they need to be administered regularly to be effective, and they don’t provide a clear ROI with regard to hires. However, they can be an invaluable resource if utilized correctly. Surveys offer key insights into how your drivers feel about policies, benefits, pay, and culture, which is key data to consider when creating strategies to reduce turnover. From there, you will be able to build more effective, compelling copy for recruitment campaigns that will resonate with drivers in an authentic way. 

In order to gather the most accurate insights, it’s imperative that you create a cadence of surveys. This allows for comparisons over time as well as progress tracking for your cultural goals. Did a recent pay or benefits change have the intended impact? Have there been changes in a terminal that are driving higher turnover rates? 

It’s important that when sending out these surveys, your team emphasizes honesty and openness.. Firstly, it’s usually best to guarantee anonymity. Then, in order to improve survey completion rates, introduce incentives. Consider rewarding the terminal that has the highest completion rate or create a company-wide perk if a certain threshold is met. An individual prize drawing could work, too, but be careful — you want your team to feel certain that their responses will remain anonymous in order to guarantee accurate information.

2. Social Media Strategy

Beyond recruitment ads, social media is an invaluable digital tool to have at your disposal. Drivers are constantly inundated with recruitment ads, email and text blasts, and voice drops. Social media, especially Facebook, is a chance to get your brand and voice in front of drivers without the feeling that you’re selling to them. Create a posting schedule with a variety of media types — articles about hero drivers, or news relevant to them, such as new regulations. Ask questions or create polls that will promote engagement. It’s fine to pepper in a few recruitment ads here and there, but the bulk of this space should be more organic content that is relevant to drivers and creates engagement. 

Remember, too, that every share means more eyes on your brand for free, so keep active in the comments. This is a chance to engage with drivers directly. Be sure that you stay active, respond to direct messages quickly, and show your interest in their feedback. For smaller teams that find it difficult to prioritize social media, consider investing in a bot that will automatically respond to drivers’ messages. Drivers will feel seen and heard while still allowing your team to log in and respond on their own schedule.

3. Brand Refreshes

We all know the feeling of having seen the same ad one too many times. However entertaining or interesting it might have been the first time you saw it, by the 50th time, it loses its appeal. It’s the same for drivers, who, especially in this market, are receiving a constant deluge of marketing messages from different carriers to their devices. In order to stand out from the pack, make sure that your messaging isn’t going stale. Utilize the data from your internal surveys to craft messaging that resonates. Come up with taglines that authentically connect to specific traits and offerings sought out by drivers. Do 75% of your drivers love their home time? What percentage of your drivers have referred an acquaintance? Use this information to accurately convey your company’s culture and the driving experience you’ll offer to new recruits.  

Make an effort to refresh your ad copy and creative periodically to help make sure that drivers are considering new runs or benefits with fresh eyes. Even if there’s no new information to report, a change in presentation can make a big difference and elevate your brand to your target audience.


The above tactics, when executed well, contribute to your brand credibility — and brand credibility, more than most factors, makes the difference in attracting quality talent and keeping them on board for the long haul. In conjunction with strategic media buys, surveys, social media, and brand refreshes work cohesively to provide greater insight and long-term recruitment marketing success. For more information about recruitment marketing, talent insights and employer branding, reach out to the team at Bayard ([email protected]).

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