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The Role of Programmatic in Elevating Campaign Results.

  • 03.04.2021

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  • Patrick McNamara & Camille Berlioz


A large Security Services company recently approached us with the goal of expanding the amount of traffic they were receiving. Prior to becoming a client, they had been buying from one media source, and this strategy simply wasn’t producing the volume of traffic that was necessary.


Our Approach

Keeping the client’s needs in mind, we took control of their programmatic ad buy and introduced a more optimal, broader media mix by utilizing multiple job boards and aggregators (instead of a single media source). This approach, in conjunction with the real-time data that it provides, allowed us to rapidly optimize and reallocate budget based on a variety of factors, including application volume and Cost-Per-Application.

Alongside the enhanced media mix, we employed strategic title expansions, wherein we added a variety of different titles for any given position and A B tested them to determine which performed the best. 

In this case, the client was looking to hire security guards for sporting events, so we tested generic security guard titles against titles that included the sports teams’ names. Ultimately, we discovered that the latter performed better.



With optimized campaigns, a better media mix in place, and a variety of position titles, we increased their traffic and application flow and grew the business from one of their locations to all. In addition, we were able to outperform the other media channel’s CPA for a new avenue of cheaper traffic.

*While Appfeeder didn’t generate more applications than the other media source in Month 1, it did create a new avenue of more applications, effectively increasing application volume at a cheaper CPA. By Month 2, the client chose to lean more heavily on Appfeeder, and it outperformed the other media source alone in both total applications and CPA performance.



Utilizing one media partner often results in inflexibility and suboptimal campaign performance. Companies who choose this route find themselves tied up in uncompromising contracts with sources that are not held accountable for producing poor results. They’re also at a disadvantage because certain media partners perform better in certain markets and worse in others, they’re limited to the number of individuals who use that specific media source, and their listed positions aren’t interchangeable – more funds must be allocated in order to swap positions in and out.

Programmatic, on the other hand, affords companies flexibility, allows for far-reaching campaigns, and yields fantastic results. The most significant advantages that programmatic offers include:

  • Flexible spending and funds. Only the top performers have money allocated to them, and funds can roll over to the following month or position if needed.
  • The ability to switch jobs, pause, and restart whenever necessary.
  • Further-reaching campaigns. Programmatic casts a much wider net, as it captures users on all different types of media and job boards.
  • The ability to use media that performs well in certain job sectors or areas of the country. Programmatic allows you to pick and choose which media to use based on the industry or location in which you’re searching.

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