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The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Engaging Recruitment Video.

  • 04.12.2023

Whatever your industry, your company is essentially the sum of its people. That’s why you want to hire the best, which means creating recruitment campaigns with wider reach to penetrate target audiences you may not have previously considered. Recruiting videos are an effective way to do this, allowing you to position yourself on a diverse range of platforms.

Recruitment videos allow jobseekers to engage with your company virtually before deciding whether to learn more, apply or not. They can showcase attributes about your company, your brand, and of course, the roles you want to fill that are not always easily described in text alone. 

Start with a story

Recruitment is a form of marketing; only instead of promoting your products and services, you’re communicating about your organization so job seekers can get a good feel for your values, what it’s like to join and much more. Just like any marketing strategy, building an emotional connection with your audience is essential. Storytelling that is authentic, engaging and inspiring is an ideal way to do this.

Stories stay with us in a way that simple facts alone do not. In fact, science suggests that stories are the catalyst that drives the difference between paying selective attention and complete attention to media such as TV and social media. So, what story can you tell your prospective hires? 

Employee journeys are one way to present your company as a great place to work. Consider featuring staff stories — about how they came to work for your company, their achievements, and their aspirations — which can inspire similar feelings in viewers. Another option is to craft recruiting videos that tell leadership stories or inspirational videos that shed light on the company’s founding story.

Focus on culture

Whatever story you decide to tell in your recruitment video, make sure you focus on your company’s culture and values. Potential new hires want to understand the type of company they will work for; they want a company’s values to align with their own. They want to know what they can expect in their day-to-day working life, including management styles, how colleagues interact, and of course, the overall company mission and vision.

Culture-based recruiting videos offer the benefit of presenting the human face of your organization. Suddenly, working for your firm is not all about duties and responsibilities. It’s about finding a place in a welcoming, productive environment or being part of an ambitious team. 

Consider the key aspects of your company’s culture and how you can showcase them with your storytelling video techniques.

Keep it short

You might have plenty to say if you’ve explored great leadership stories and written out the key aspects of your company’s culture. However, it really is best to keep your recruiting videos short, sweet, and to the point.

Keeping your video under three minutes means you know you deliver all the key information about the role quickly. Candidates often have plenty of other options to review, so the quicker you can deliver a positive, compelling message, the more likely they are to pay attention.

Another key benefit of embracing shorter recruiting videos is that this approach aligns you with industry trends. HubSpot reports that 90% of digital marketers are investing in short-form video content, and its popularity will only rise. Producing content in a format that your audience is likely engaging with is a great technique to increase the potential reach of your recruitment videos.

Feature employees

Why is it important to ensure you feature your employees in your recruiting videos? Because your new talent wants to see exactly how your existing talent feels about the role and your organization.

If possible, engage employees that work either in the exact role you’re hoping to fill if there are multiple people within this position or, at the very least, members of your team who work in the same department or the same business area. The closer you can get to the feel of what working for you is actually going to be like for the prospective candidate, the more likely you’ll succeed in your recruitment campaign.

Showcase the job

Including employees close to the role up for grabs allows you to do another vital recruitment video “must”: showcase the actual role the viewer will eventually apply for. While your company story can hook candidates in, without information on the role itself, they’ll quickly lose interest and view videos from your competitors instead.

Highlight key responsibilities within the context of the overall story you’re telling and how they fit in with your organization’s goals. This helps applicants understand the benefits they will bring to your company, which can even help them prepare for interviews—plus, it ensures you only get applicants who are a good fit, which reduces the time and money spent on recruitment campaigns.

Utilize music and visuals

If your video is just a montage of office shots and employee monologues, you’re unlikely to cut through the noise of the thousands of other recruiting videos out there. Use video editing software to add background and incidental music, graphics, and other visuals or special effects that can give your video some additional personality while keeping it on brand.

Music is an incredible way to convey emotion, whether it’s an upbeat tune emphasizing a fun place to work or something more serious that accompanies information about your company values. Visuals help drive home key points and make videos easier to watch, keeping your viewers’ attention for longer.

Recruitment Strategies That Work

Your recruitment strategy isn’t complete without videos that help grab the attention of top talent and showcase your company as a great place to work. Make sure you tell your company’s story or encourage your employees to tell their own stories. Let your company’s culture run through everything you create, so you know your applicants will be a good fit for your team and your organization.

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