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Unpacking 2020's Job Search Trends on Google.

  • 02.09.2021

Understanding Job Trends on Google

We analyzed data across a variety of industries to discern the novel trends and patterns that characterized 2020’s job searches on Google.


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In 2020, we saw many unprecedented trends in the Digital and Employment space. The year started strong with job search volume up, as people typically look for a new career in January. This was followed by a normal leveling out in February, and then COVID-19 hit, shutting down the entire country and forcing many people from their jobs. Unemployment soared close to 30%, and job search volume tanked. Not only were fewer people searching on Google for jobs, but many employers stopped their advertising completely due to layoffs and hiring freezes. Some industries maintained hiring needs such as healthcare and trucking. Many advertisers began changing their ad copies to more employer brand-focused messaging, especially if they weren’t able to directly hire during this time. If they were able to hire, they made sure people knew it. Many companies switched to a work from home model, and we saw dramatic changes in what used to be fairly well-established patterns.


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